YourSecure FAQ

YourSecure FAQ

Frequently asked questions and set up instructions about Investors Bank YourSecure App

YourSecure is an enhanced replacement for your current CardValet app.  YourSecure has all of the same controls and alerts that you are used to using in CardValet, but they are now accessible through Investors Mobile app. There is no change in how you receive alerts today – all alerts are sent through the app. Visit to understand more about the benefits available to you.


You can download YourSecure and login using your Investors Bank User ID and Password.  If you do not have an Investors Bank User ID and Password, you can register for one in the Online Banking or Investors Bank Mobile apps.  There is no option to register for an Investors Bank account from the YourSecure App.  

If you already have an account on the Investors Mobile app, go to your app store and follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Investors YourSecure app
  2. Open and select Login
  3. Enter your existing Investors Bank User Id and Password
  4. Accept the Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy
  5. Re-register your card(s) by following the prompts

You will be able to access your existing account on CardValet until June 30, 2019.  After that, CardValet will no longer manage your cards and you will need to register your cards in YourSecure by following the directions above.


Any controls that you set in CardValet will continue to be applied to your card.  They will be viewable in YourSecure after you register your debit card for the first time.  You will need to reset your Alert Preferences when you migrate to YourSecure.

Look for “YourSecure Cards” when on the Investors Mobile app.

The YourSecure and Investors Mobile Apps work together, and you will need to keep the YourSecure App on your phone in order to access your benefits through Investors Mobile. YourSecure is responsible for managing all of your account controls and alerts but will not show account related information which is only viewable in the Investors Mobile app.