Mobile Wallet FAQ

Mobile Wallet FAQ
Mobile Wallet frequently asked questions and set up instructions.


Mobile Wallet is the name for the different apps that allow you to pay at checkout right from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. It gives you a more secure, convenient and faster way to pay without having to pull out your plastic card.

Anyone who has an Investors Bank Visa Debit card is able to use this service at no additional cost.  Mobile Wallet is not supported for ATM-only cards.

Mobile wallet apps, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, rely on technology that sends a unique passcode to the merchant’s terminal so retailers will never see your debit card number. 

Convenience. When you shop at locations that accept the Mobile Wallet, there is no need to carry a physical card.
Faster. Your Mobile Wallet transaction is quicker than the time it takes to verify your EMV Chip.
Security.  A Mobile Wallet transaction does not send your name or card number- instead it sends a unique passcode to the merchant’s terminal.
Protection.  If your mobile device is lost, the Mobile Wallet app is more difficult to gain access to than a physical card. In the event fraudulent activity does occur, the same protections that apply to your physical card apply to your Mobile Wallet.

Yes, your Mobile Wallet app can be used anywhere Mobile Wallet is accepted; roaming and data charges may apply.

No, there aren’t any fees. It’s like using your debit card to make a purchase, so the same rules apply. However, you will be responsible for any standard banking fees that may arise, such as overdraft or ATM fees.

No, Mobile Wallet is not available within the Investors Bank app.

Yes, you will have a link to our Mobile app inside your Mobile Wallet.

Call the Investors Client Care Center at 855-iBank4U (855-422-6548) or visit your local branch, to report any fraudulent activity on your account.

You will not be able to use an expired card for purchases.  You will need to delete the expired card and add your new card with the new expiration date into your Mobile Wallet.

It’s easy to begin using Mobile Wallet with your Investors Bank Visa Debit card.

Step 1) 

Check to see if a Mobile Wallet app is already loaded on your device:

    1. Apple Pay for Apple devices
    2. Google Pay for many devices using the android platform, or 
    3. Samsung Pay for many devices made by Samsung 

Helpful Tips:

  • If your device does not have a Mobile Wallet app, you can find one in your app store.
  • You must have the latest operating system in order for your Mobile Wallet to load and function correctly.
  • If you have not used your Mobile Wallet app before, you will have to go through a set up process.

Step 2) 

Load your Investors Bank Visa Debit card into the Mobile Wallet. Depending on your device or app, you may be asked to take a picture of your card and to provide additional information.

Helpful Tips: 

  • You may be prompted during the set up process to call the toll-free number 844-646-5465 for authentication. The verification process is currently being facilitated by our third party financial servicer.  This phone number is different than the toll-free number for Investors Client Care Center.We recommend that you select your Investors Bank Visa Debit card as your default card.

Step 3) 

Once registration is complete, your Mobile Wallet app can be used at all locations that feature the Mobile Wallet icon. When paying with your Mobile Wallet, you may be prompted to provide a fingerprint or PIN to complete the transaction.

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