External Account Transfers

Transfer Money from Another Account, Without Moving an Inch

We will be replacing Online Banking's existing External Account Transfer service with a new, enhanced offering, which can be used to move funds to or from an Investors Bank account and an account at another financial institution. This new service will allow for higher standard transfer limits than our current external account transfer service, and now also allows for transfers to and from Investors savings accounts.* 

The new external account transfer feature is now available, and it will be in place concurrently with the existing service until March 19, 2018. Beginning March 20, 2018, only the new External Account Transfer service will be available.


  • If you use our current external account transfer service, you will need to re-establish your external accounts within the new service (With the new service, please note that only five external accounts will be permitted)
  • Scheduled or recurring transfers that you may currently have in place will also need to be re-established in the new service
  • If you set up scheduled or recurring transfers with the new service during the timeframe when both services will be operating, you will need to cancel any scheduled or recurring transfers you have in place with the existing service to avoid duplicate transfers
  • At end of day on March 19, 2018, any external accounts or scheduled or recurring transfers that were set up in the existing service will be deleted and/or not processed


  • The new service can be accessed by logging into Online Banking, clicking the Transfers tab, and then clicking the External Account Transfers link (this feature may be added to our app in the near future, but will not be immediately available there)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Client Care Center at 855-422-6548. 


* Transfers from savings accounts are limited to no more than six per calendar month or statement cycle.