Real Time Alerts

Enroll in our new real-time account alerts!

Banking in your best interest.
Set up personalized email and text alerts via online banking or push alerts using Investors Mobile app today!

Our new alert service allows you to choose from many options, including: Account updates, Debit Card Transactions, Loan payment reminders, Password Updates, Unusual account activity, Deposit transactions, High and low balances, Checks Cleared

How to get started: Simply sign in to your Investors Online Banking or the Investors Mobile App and follow these steps, Select "Settings: Alerts" (Online Banking) or "More Alerts" (Mobile Banking), Enable push (for Mobile Banking only) notifications then select an account and type of alert. Where appropriate, enter the dollar limits or criteria set and save your edits
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Important Notice: Effective December 12, 2019 ALL of your current Account Alerts will no longer be active. In order to continue receiving your account alerts, please re-enter them into our new and enhanced real-time alerts service