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Which Baseball Teams Do Investors Bank Employees Root For?

The calendar has turned to April – for many of us, that brings the hope that our favorite baseball team will have a good showing this season.  Since Investors Bank straddles two media markets (New York and Philadelphia) with long histories of baseball fandom, we thought it would be interesting to poll our employees on their team preferences and overall level of baseball interest. 

Let’s start with a high-level overview.  Of the approximately 7% of our total employees that completed our survey, we had a 50/50 split of those working in corporate offices and branches.  On a scale of 0-100, the level of baseball interest was 68.  Respondents resided in the following locales: Northern New Jersey (40%), Central New Jersey (31%), New York City (12%), Southern New Jersey (11%), and elsewhere (1%).  The New York Yankees were the most popular major league team (48%), followed by the New York Mets (32%), Philadelphia Phillies (8%), others (8%), and no favorite (4%). 

Given the overall results, were there any surprises or anything of interest when delving deeper into the data?  Breaking down the respondents by corporate or branch did not show any differing results, other than a noticeable decrease in the amount of Phillies fans on the corporate side (which makes sense given that our two largest corporate offices are in Central and Northern New Jersey).  When looking at the different geographies, it was notable that those in Central New Jersey actually showed a propensity for the Mets to be the favorite team, and Southern New Jersey showed a preference for the Phillies, but that was to be expected.  While Mets and Yankees fans were closely aligned in most of their responses, Phillies fans were easily the most passionate: 100% classified themselves as a “big fan” of their favorite team (compared to just 32% and 44% for the Mets and Yankees, respectively), and their level of baseball interest in general was 13% higher than the total employees.  Phillies fans also had a much greater tendency to dislike the other teams in the survey.  Likewise, the dubious honor of the most disliked team went to the Phillies (50%), while the Mets and Yankees were each disliked by only 24% of respondents. 

As the fortunes of teams waver and as employees revolve, it will be interesting to see how these numbers change over time.

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