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Welcome to The Weave!

Welcome to The Weave, the new blog from the people at Investors Bank. On a regular basis, we will be bringing you stories and insights that can have an impact on your life, business and community. Yes, this blog is written primarily by Investors Bank employees, but topics will be of interest to you whether you bank with us or not. We’ll cover varied topics such as family, career, and health. Naturally, since we are a bank, the posts will all touch upon financial matters in some respect.

So, why is this blog called The Weave? Do you see that logo on the top of the page? That is a stylized version of the Investors Bank logo. We refer to that logo as “the weave” because it looks like a woven pattern of four letter “i”s (“i” as in “Investors”). The logo also represents the four main categories of our blog topics: Your Life, Your Business, Our Community, and Our Bank. We hope that the stories and insights presented here can be woven into the fabric of your life.

Most posts are written by a diverse group of Investors Bank employees. Just like our readers, we are of different ages and backgrounds, so the writers’ perspectives won’t always be the same. Some posts may be of a more personal nature, whereas others might be more fact-based. We’ll also present occasional posts from Investors Bank executives and industry experts. No matter whom the author is, our goal is to provide you with interesting, engaging content that is applicable to your life, your business, or our community.  

Thanks for checking out The Weave. Check back often for new content, or sign up below to be emailed a monthly compendium of our posts. If you have any feedback, we’ll be monitoring the comments on our posts, so feel free to become involved!

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Bob Rinklin
Hey, the Weave looks superb -- great graphics, good short pieces of content with useful information and wide range of topics.
9/28/2017 2:42:53 PM

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