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Group Fitness Can Motivate!

Despite good intentions, many of us lose our motivation when we set fitness goals. It gets lonely, then boring, and soon you're no longer going to the gym at all. Get involved and stay involved with group fitness classes.  They are the best way to keep motivated as you will be surrounded by people who share your goal.  In addition, these classes make you accountable and, if they are taught by a great instructor, they can be a lot of fun!

Here are five group fitness classes you can try out to see what works for you:


Zumba is all about ditching the workout and joining the party – It’s actually exercise in disguise. This group fitness class is easy to follow and combines high energy cardio dance to Latin and International rhythms. It is great for all levels of fitness as instructors provide modifications for all of its booty-shaking moves.


Spin (or Cycle) takes riding a stationary bike to another level. Taking this indoor cycling class can vary in intensity by sitting or standing and by increasing your speed or the bike’s resistance.  Plus, the classes are done to the beat of Pop or Electric music. Classes can range from 45 to 55 minutes, but the energy and the motivating music can make your exercise time fly by.


If you are looking for a more peaceful approach to fitness, yoga is the best way to connect your mind and your body. The benefits of practicing yoga can lead to improved flexibility, mobility and increased strength. But, what most people take away from yoga is the meditative aspect and a deep spiritual connection.


If you want a full body work out that strengthens your muscles and increases your stamina, Kickboxing is one of the toughest fitness classes out there. Not only can it improve your strength and stamina, it can empower you to feel like an awesome martial artist. You can easily burn close to 1,000 calories per class, which is a great way to burn off that stubborn fat.


Sometimes when creating a fitness plan for yourself, you have to go back to the basics. This military style training has been getting our enlisted recruits in shape for decades. Any bootcamp type workout will really get you sweating, test your endurance and strengthen your full body, if it doesn’t wipe you out first! Sometimes you just need a real challenge to really get your fitness plans into shape.

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