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4 Ways to Save this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  As it is very easy to spend a lot of money on this lovely holiday, one should be careful when planning.  The price of gifts, chocolates and flowers alone could cost you hundreds of dollars, and that is all before the actual date. This Valentine’s Day, don’t let a date break your heart or your budget.  Creating a romantic evening for two can be simple and easy on your wallet with a little creativity.

Make a Romantic Dinner

Restaurants this time of year have Valentine’s Day fixed meals and specials.  Those specials could have you shelling out an amount equivalent to a car payment.  By making your own meal for two, the amount of money spent on groceries is a fraction of the cost of dinner out.  You can even bring out a competitive side by seeing who the better chef is and prepare dinner for each other.  Bonus points for making your significant other their favorite dish.

Get Active

You do not need to ruin your New Year’s resolutions with this holiday!  Plan for you and your partner to go on a hike and enjoy nature’s view.  Going for a walk on the beach or in the local park will be a romantic way to spend time with each other.  Fitness is always more fun together!  Try a new workout class with your partner in your area. Groupon is packed with discounts and free classes that you and your significant other will enjoy. Your heart and wallet with thank you!

Stay In

If getting active is not your style, there is nothing wrong with staying in.  Having a themed movie night can make a regular activity into something romantic.  Maybe pick movies that are classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Casablanca. If your partner is a fan of an actor, maybe have a marathon of all of his or her hit movies.  If you are feeling nostalgic on this holiday, set the mood of the movie night with a classic pillow fort.

Get Creative with Gifts

One aspect of Valentine’s Day which I passionately believe should be a thing of the past is giving gifts.  However, if you feel inclined to give your partner a gift, you can get creative while still being thoughtful.  One way to do this is to create the old fashioned "mix tape" (CD or playlist may be more practical these days).  By creating a mix filled with songs that remind you of your partner is romantic, thoughtful and will cost you no money.  If music is not your thing, creating a photo album documenting your relationship is a sure way to take a trip down memory lane without over spending.  Lastly, if your significant other has a sweet tooth, there is nothing wrong with making your own chocolates and goodies.  Dipping strawberries and other fresh fruit in chocolate is very simple and a fraction of the cost from the stores.


This Valentine’s Day, you can show your partner how much you adore them without breaking any hearts or your budget. Want to show your favorite Not-For-Profit organization that you care about them too? Check out our Care2Share program. You can enroll your eligible Investors accounts with a participating not-for-profit and the organization receives a portion of your average monthly balance of your checking or savings account. Complete the simple Care2Share enrollment form and start giving back to your favorite nonprofit.

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