Protection for your valuable accounts
Fraud is a constant threat to your business, and Investors Bank helps you ward off the dangers with a full suite of fraud protection services.

ACH Filters

  • Reduce the risk associated with Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud
  • Filter transactions based on your business' individual needs
  • Increase controls over unauthorized debits

ACH Block

  • Reduce the risk associated with Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud
  • Blocks all unauthorized debits and/or credits from posting to designated accounts
  • Apply to as many accounts as you wish

Positive Pay

  • Checks presented at Investors Bank branches or deposited at other institutions are compared to customer issued-check files for verification
  • Only matching checks are paid automatically
  • Establish a return default if decision deadlines are missed
  • Receive email notifications about suspect items and file transmissions
  • Teller line Positive Pay available

Trusteer Rapport, an IBM Company

  • Free malware protection software that provides an extra layer of protection for your accounts
  • Installs quickly and requires no restart or manual updates
  • Works in conjunction with your existing firewall and anti-virus software

Business Online & Mobile Banking

Manage your accounts quickly so you can focus on more important business objectives.