Grants Provide Assistance to the Homeless

April 21, 2017

Investors Foundations Partner with HomeFront FoodPantry

Lawrenceville, New Jersey – For those who are homeless, not having shelter is just one of their concerns. Finding good, nutritious food to sustain them and their families often can be difficult, if not impossible. Thanks to the HomeFront organization, its “FoodPantry,” and grants totaling $10,000 from the Investors and Roma Bank Community Foundations, finding that food might be a bit easier for families in Mercer County.

According to HomeFront President and CEO Connie Mercer, there are hundreds of families in Mercer County who must decide if they should buy food or pay their rent. “Emergency food bags are available from our FoodPantry,” explained Mercer, “for the increasing number of families and seniors who can’t afford to buy enough food to make it through the month.” She said that HomeFront distributes 700 bags of free groceries to low-income families each month. “These grants from Investors and the Roma Community Bank Foundations will enable us to continue our efforts to provide emergency food to those families who need it the most.”

“It is heartbreaking,” said Investors Bank Senior Market Manager Linda Martin, “when you think of children without food, or seniors who have to decide between paying their rent, buying food, or buying medicine. These are the most vulnerable of our citizens, and the Investors and Roma Community Bank Foundations not only are happy to be able to provide support, but feel it is our obligation as members of the Mercer County community.”

Homefront applied for the grants from the Investors and Roma Community Bank Foundations, which support non-profit organizations that enrich the diverse communities served by Investors Bank. Roma Bank became part of Investors Bank in December 2013.

Another service HomeFront coordinates is the delivery of donated hot meals prepared by area congregations and community groups. These organizations also donate and prepare food for HomeFront events, from holiday parties to graduation ceremonies.

In addition to its emergency food distribution, Mercer said that, on any given night, HomeFront provides emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent service-enriched housing to more than 450 people, nearly two-thirds of whom are children. Mercer also explained that HomeFront provides other services as well, including case management, homelessness prevention services (such as back rent and utility assistance), free clothing and household goods at HomeFront’s “FreeStore,” affordable housing searches, job placement and readiness skills.

“HomeFront also provides special programming for children,” said Mercer, “which includes our award-winning pre-school program, summer camp, after-school tutoring and other recreational, enriching and educational activities.” She said the organization works collaboratively with congregations, corporations and organizations “who assist in our mission of returning families to independence.”

Cynthia Ricker, Investors Bank Assistant Vice President and Lawrenceville Branch Manager, said, “HomeFront not only provides low-income citizens of Mercer County with food, shelter, and assistance that can provide the means to break the cycle of poverty, but it does so in ways that enable them to retain their dignity and build up their confidence.”

“Investors Bank supports HomeFront and its efforts to help people get back on their feet when they face hard times,” said Scott Kintzing, Vice President, Business Lending. “We hope that these donations will help build and maintain strong communities by giving people the skills and ability to take advantage of opportunities to make a better life for themselves and their families.”

HomeFront Grant

Photo:From left, Investors Bank Assistant Vice President and Lawrenceville Branch Manager Cynthia Ricker, Senior Market Manager Linda Martin, and Scott Kintzing, Vice President, Business Lending, recently presented grants totaling $10,000 from the Investors and Roma Bank Community Foundations to HomeFront President and CEO Connie Mercer (right) for the organization’s FoodPantry. 

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