YourStyle Remote Official Check Service®

YourStyle Remote Official Check Service

Investors Bank can provide various industries the ability to improve their office efficiencies by requesting, approving and printing Official Checks from the security and convenience of their offices. 

Security is key. From behind the scenes, the Bank ensures all compliance and due diligence is automatically performed prior to check authorization to our customers.  By having customer dual controls, with separate requestor and approval users, it ensures segregation of duties and a strong audit trail.

Convenience for customers; eliminates travel to branches and waiting in line for official checks. YourStyle Remote Official Check Service offers operational efficiency with easy web-based connectivity.  Authorized users have quick access to check details and historical reporting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Customer will have a dropdown menu to select an account.  This must be designated on the implementation form.


Checks can be processed during bank business hours until 5 pm ET.


Printer specifications are provided in our Technical User Guide and Technical Requirements documentation.


Yes, we recommend at least two people for each responsibility.


Yes, since the application is web-based, users can access the service from their different office locations. A secure printer will need to be located in the specific offices to print the official check.