Simplify corporate account management

System automation combats fraud and reduces errors that accompany paper-based, manual operations, making Investors Bank's treasury management services ideal for even the most sophisticated corporations.

ACH Payments

  • Credit activity can be initiated securely via Online Banking, file upload, or direct send
  • Predictable settlement for better control of cash flow
  • Include added information to a payment, such as invoice references
  • Same-day or next-day reporting keeps account information up to date

Payroll Services

  • Sophisticated solutions for payroll processing, tax filing, employee benefits and more
  • Automate your processes while complying with government regulations
  • Dedicated customer service always available to answer your questions

Wire Transfers

  • Secure and efficient way to move funds between institutions
  • Process wires online, by phone, by fax, or at a branch in US or foreign currencies (restrictions apply)
  • Create drawdown instructions for your authorized debits with same-day processing
  • Achieve greater control by assigning specific functionality to users

YourStyle Remote Official Check Service®

  • Real-time access to initiate, approve, and print Investors Bank Official Checks
  • Securely accessed through our Commercial Online Banking platform
  • Multi-layer security controls
  • Automatically generated Positive Pay files for additional fraud prevention
  • Online check register and audit reporting

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