Bill Pay

Paying bills just got easier.

With Bill Discovery, writing and mailing checks, buying stamps and remembering passwords for payment websites are all things of the past. Our new automatic payee search does the hard work for you!

Bill Discovery from Investors Bank delivers a simpler, smarter and faster bill payment experience by providing intelligent suggestions and automation – taking the pain away from bill pay.


Bill Discovery allows customers to automatically find payees without a manual search. It simplifies the process for adding payees and reduces manual input error.


Bill Discovery’s simple and intuitive process knows who you pay and when. Simply search, confirm, and enjoy the convenience that comes with all your bill payments in one, easy-to-manage place.


Because Bill Discovery finds your payees automatically, you won’t need to keep pay- ee addresses, account information or login credentials for multiple payment websites on hand, thereby reducing the potential risk of unauthorized access of your banking information, fraud or identity theft.




Find Your Bills Now!​

 From Investors Online Banking

Select “Pay Bills” / “Add my Bills Now” and select the “Find My Bills” tab to complete the customer consent to enable Bill Discovery.

From the Investors Mobile App
Select “Transfer & Pay” and then select “Manage Billers” and you’ll be prompted to provide consent to enable Bill Discovery.